Street Ball gets another much needed doc

In the wake of Amare’e Stoudemire nightmarish post game enragement, by gashing his hand out of anger in the locker room through a glass fire extinguisher encasement, can only bring to mind the pure madness and frenzied fast pace found in the sport of street (basket)ball on any given day.  With that said, Bobbito Garcia and filmmaker Kevin Couliau bring forth another idie doc titled, Doin’ It In The Park: Pick Up Basketball NYC whose title comes from the old school classic funker:  Rock Creek Park.

One could never have enough street ball films in their movie archive arsenal, so it is very important to chronicle this underdog street culture sport where legends thrive on the very words: “I GOT NEXT!”  In the midst of all the arguing and foul calling lies an unofficiated sport that is very well taken seriously in the plight for respect and bragging rights.  For some, it is a day at the park, but for the players, it is the labor of love that gets folks leaning up against the fenced cages to watch and learn the other game of basketball.

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