Color Anodizing Mac Books by

I ran across this website for a company called Computer Choppers.  They mainly apply an actual 24K body to all sorts of hardware, ranging from a Wii controller to a Blackberry phone, but they also offer a color anodized Mac Book Pro mod ($999) for nearly a thousand bucks (Mac Book Pro not included!)  Color anodization is commonly found on tons of outdoor gear like canteens and carabiners.  It is a costly electrolytic process that coats a dyed layer of aluminum over the original layer that results in an extremely resistant shell that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.  In the case of the Mac Book, you are looking at over a hundred parts that would require this process, but you won’t see me getting on line for this one, but it is worth noting that it’s a nice change from Apple’s traditional black, white, or silver.  If you got money to burn, God bless ya…

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