Ritchie Hawtin designs a controller for Livid Instruments

This does look like an old sci-fi movie prop, but it is a new midi controller made for DJ’s from a company called Livid Instruments known as the CNTRL-R Midi Controller ($699), and if you check out their website, you’ll see an array of controllers that even include wood grained side panels.  This model is designed by techno artist/DJ and midi-control visionary Ritchie Hawtin of M_nus Records.  It feature fully programmable backlit buttons and 8 faders that can be mapped to work with Traktor, Serato itch or more popularly Ableton live. So if the next DJ you hire for your kid’s B-day party shows up with this little baby, get ready to hit that broom closet in the morning and put the cleaning crew ion standby.

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