Get ready for the truth!

I know it looks like a flying saucer, but this an evolutionary approach to a bathroom scale made by a German company called Medisana and this model is their Target Scale ($299).  The brilliant flashing blue lights lend to a trekkie’s wet dreams of beaming down like the transporter sequence, but once you step on, you are invited to some critical info about your innards:

– target weight

– your BMI (mody mass index)

– relative muscle and bone mass

– fat and water content

– balance measure (weight distribution)

The bluetooth compatibility allows for a distinctive iPhone app called the Vitadock that pretty much guides you through the whole ordeal.  It can store info for up to 4 users and runs on 4 AA batteries.  I definitely would opt for weighing myself in the dark with my trusty glowstick in hand.

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