Diet… we don’t need no stinkin’ diet!

I seldom follow these crazy food trends and try to just simply enjoy every meal, but I heard Mark Hyman this morning, and in less than 3 minutes it all made sense.

“The most important thing is what you find at the end of a fork and not at the bottom of a prescription bottle”  (THIS MAKES SENSE)

“You don’t need diets” (THIS MAKES SENSE)

“The most powerful drug on earth that cures everything is food” (THIS MAKES SENSE)

“If it comes in a can, a package or a wrapper, it might not be that good for you” (THIS MAKES SENSE)

“Eat early and eat often” (THIS MAKES SENSE)

“A thousand calories of broccoli is not the same as a thousand calories of soda” (THIS MAKES SENSE)

“You need protein with every meal” (THIS MAKES SENSE)

” Stop fucking with your insulin levels!”  (I said that one)

Dr. Hyman was on CBS this morning, and he spoke in less words than a Grammy award winning speech, and he caught my attention because I subscribe to the idea that your body is like a chain, and one bad link can break it.  I am, of course, referring to diseases taking control of your body.  That is why your body is a system, and a system cannot function when one piece is out of place.  Think of an assemble line.  When one belt breaks, it all shuts down, and you can’ hit that big red button marked OFF

He claims that the major problem is these insulin swings your body encounters that create unnatural shifts in your body’s chemical balance that is essentially kicking all your organs in the nuts (ok-guy’s point of view), and, over time, there will be hell to pay.  

This man is not talking shit!

BUY HIS BOOK; Blood Sugar Solution ($27).  It’s OK to be on his dick.  (HE MAKES SENSE- AND A LOT OF IT!)

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