Sony, when will you F*CKING LEARN!!!

A new handheld portable system called the PSVita, which is basically a PSP on steroids,  just hit the market, and what does Sony do?  Pull their usual bullshit proprietary memory card stunt once more!

This time it is called a PS Vita Memory Card; after their previous Memory Stick Pro Duo.  What’s funny is that this little tiny 32GB memory card sells for a mere $100, or you can settle for a measly 4GB one that comes bundles with their awesome new console. I mean, it is 2012, what does 4GB get you these days besides 250 songs???

Sony always loves to create their own exclusive fingerprinted media ware.  They struck with their unique rechargeable Discman batteries for higher end models.  They made an overpriced mess with their Memory Stick Duo & Pro Duo for their cameras and media players, and refused to allow access for their PS3 remote codes for universal remotes, and to top it off, they cornered the dying Blu-Ray market for hi-def video for themselves by blowing HD-DVD out of the water.

What jackasses!  It is expensive enough to shell out the money for the console alone, and AS USUAL, they tie the consumer down with add-ons that drive up the price.  And when they let their little scam sink in long enough, they finally decide to lower the price.  A bunch of fucking Johnny-come-latelys if you ask me, and by then, nobody wants the freakin’ thing!

Sony, you SUCK!!!!!

Just wait folks and be patient- they will lower the price of everything-trust me.

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