Vestax VCI-400 Special Edition finally rolls in at a whopping $1099

If you read an older post of mine: 2012 DJ Controller Roundup: My Top Ten Picks for the best DJ Controllers , this pretty little puppy came in second place, and now it has finally landed at in reserve quantities, and my prediction in price was pretty on the mark.

It’s a collaborative effort between Vestax and controllerist-at-large, Ean Golden, and priced at $1099, it may be a pretty hefty investment compared to what the future holds for DJ controllers.  It has been made clear from some reputable manufacturers that DJ midi controllers will be the fast paced reality foreseen due to the advent of modular designs and cost effective units that will make one’s DJ rig look like pieces to a vast puzzle of buttons and sliders.  You can thank USB for that one…   Companies are always redesigning newer models that will incorporate productions tools and more functions with a broader layout.

By the time you read this, there will probably be a mere dozen or so newer models steadily previewing themselves on teaser sites and blogs, and shopping for that ideal controller will be a battleground for price and quality with many generations of models facing the dreaded “discontinued” branding.  Numark alone has already churned out more than a dozen or so models and they are still trying to get it right, and other manufacturers are painstakingly pursuing this meteoric trend of making THE ultimate DJ controller.

But getting back to this model, it still retains its stature in the marketplace as an awesome piece, but the price point hollers professional, and for $1100, you do not get a stand alone mixer, and it doesn’t come bundled with Traktor or Serato Itch, which IS a major drawback for that price.  For that kind of money, it will be very easy to hold out- especially for newbies.

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