You can thank Napster, Apple and some stupid execs in the music biz

On this auspicious post-Grammy celebration, it is always good to know our roots.

This was a house of royalties, and a proving ground for talent.  Before MySpace, there was this thing called promotions and word of mouth.  People came in bright and early to track down what they heard the night before within these four walls, and if they weren’t trying to find a song, they were looking for some clever guidance to try to get turned on to a new one.  It was that fast paced madness that kept the music biz fueled up and ensured the massive sales and manufacturing of an artist’s album.  People walked out with those plastic little bags  along with those selfish smirks that fueled their bragging rights to be the first ones to play that new song for friends, crowds and loved ones.

Yeah, there were Walkmans, but everyone wanted their music to be heard and shared on a social level.  Much like Facebook for texting.  This was before the invasion of the iPod turned us all into introverted drones, crouched in corners with those sinister white corded earphones.  The world turned digital and so did the people, but the music and the artists suffered.

Now, it is just a diluted entity that is still trying to stay afloat.  There is a heavy cross-pollination of formats that is resulting in artistically droll achievements with weirder and weirder performances sounding more and more like circus sideshows.  The digital domain has also managed to infect the attention span of the listener, and as a result, more and more crap is dominating the charts.  So, if there is a top 100 chart, and 99 of those songs are horrible, does it really matter if your song made it to #1?  You just beat out 99 pieces of shit.  We need a better playing field:  The radio is not doing it. The internet is not doing it, and neither is the 500+ cable Tv channels.  What’s next…????

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