The spirit of Technics 1200s lives on!


This may be the best stand-in for the discontinued (I prefer the word retired!) Technics SL-1200 turntables.  First off, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB for a street price of under $249 looks and feels like the real Mckoy, but also has some added bells and whistles that may entice the likes of everyone from the sampling studio producer to the college dorm room vinyl junkie.

For starters, the unit has a built-in phono pre-amp (BIG+), so it can be plugged directly into any set of powered speakers of choice, and it also has a USB output built for moving sounds directly into your computer or laptop without the need of an interface.  You can also crank out your great grandad’s 78rpm old-old skool jitterbug vinyl, and trip out heavily by switching on the turntable’s reverse mode and hear all those satanic subliminal messages in their entirety.   Oh, and one last thing, they decided to generously throw in a cartridge and stylus for those who are on a budget, but seriously, you might want opt for a pair of decent Ortofons.

For the asking price, I am truly amazed.  Thanks for keeping vinyl alive Audio-Technica.



and not the regular AT-LP120 (no USB on this model!)

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