Numark iDJPro (iPad not included)

Just took a look at the new, new, new Numark IDJPro controller that incorporates the added presence of a hefty iPad as its functional touch-friendly interface.

I think it is a great idea, but just what is up with those rotary knobs?  Apparently, they are line knobs instead of the customary faders that are just waiting for some moron to mistaken them for filters and blow out the amp and speakers.  I love mixers with knobs; hence the hall of fame-ish Urei 1620, but these look like a pair of brown shoes on a tux.  It just doesn’t seem to fit in the overall design element.

The reason I also say “NEW, NEW, NEW controller from Numark” is because they have been cokin’ it up at the drawing board by releasing controller after controller after controller.  I hope they can finally just narrow it all down to one or two models that will stick up above the rest of the competition.

Again, the iPad concept is awesome Numark, but you are stepping over the toes of Traktor and Serato Itch by developing your in-house dj software, which will be solely absorbed by bedroom novices, and will be too under par for serious jocks.  Another controller churned out that screams BEGINNER!

C’mon Numark, make up your mind and stop releasing too many models…  !!!


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