The real Wipeout: brought to you courtesy of some lab rats

Pretty cool racetrack toy of the future.  Sure as hell beats my little Tyco electric racetrack when I was a kid.

In case you’re wondering how this feat is achieved, for it is not magic by any means, but a phenomenon known as superconductivity.  What generally happens is that if a particular metal alloy remains supercooled at an extremely low temperature, hence the liquid nitrogen injected in through the rear, it can float over magnets, and in this case, a racetrack made up entirely of them.  Superconductivity has been around for the last 50 years, and it lends promise to evolve into an efficient futuristic mode of transportation in the form of some super duper train, but they are still trying to perfect that vision.  But in the meantime,  I don’t think it will stop some Sony Playstation fanboys from re-creating the videogame classic Wipeout.  Awesome!

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