Another notch in the evolution of board games for kids

This brilliant contraption is called Flush!, and they have a commercial for it too!  Object of the game, put on a strap-on headpiece in the form of a plunger and begin the brilliant quest to magnetically extract creatures and toss them into the toilet bowl before -get this, they get squirted with toilet water!  I kid you not…  I can just see the kids now running to the bathroom and scooping up real toilet water for refills for hours of long play.  A poop-a-thon!

So, with all the negative flack video games have been getting with raising kids, it looks like there’s a good reason why we keep a staple of classic board games in the closet, and we now have another classic:

Connect Four, Clue, Monopoly, Life, Flush!, and Battleship

Wait… Battleship…?

What if we combined Flush! with Battleship?  I mean, it sounds like a no-brainer, but I’m sure we can get a toilet bowl add-on piece with realistic torpedo sounds and a “you sank my battleship” confirmation.  Now, taking a crap is a win win situation.  Forget those books and magazines.  Toilet paper not included.

Merry Christmas kids!

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