Beekman Tower: grim reminder of WTC and 911

The photo on the left is not a conceptual drawing, but a stark reality as you approach Manhattan heading east on the BQE.  I appreciate the aesthetics of architecture, but timing and placement is everything.  The Beekman tower is a bit of an optical illusion- to say the least.  From a certain angle, it appears as an abstract curvature that emanates the brilliant work of Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish architect and master of the tiled mosaic, but the side view up close is essentially a horror story of warped concrete and mangled steel meets 911.

The Beekman Tower, marketed as the New York by architect Frank Gehry,  is slated to be a luxury high rise that has been behind schedule with construction woes and setbacks.

What some people might see as art I see as two towers bearing curves that echo the billowing smoke seen from miles away on that dreaded day.  Does this structure need to be part of our skyline?  Do we need this sort of reminder?  The is a rudimentary example of too close to home

It may be too late, but you can take your so-called art and build it elsewhere, far far away…

NYC will never be ready for this.

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