DJ reality show kicks off season 2: Master of The Mix

I saw an episode and it is corny, crappy and whack.  It kinda made me laugh.  What made it so funny is that it is done in Top Chef meets The Apprentice style where a handful of would-be DJ’s are given challenges in various places.  The competitors are given pep talks and a set of ones and twos.

If you’ve been playing as long as I have, you’ll know that you can be the best DJ on the block, but without a crowd and a complaint-free venue, skills don’t mean shit.

In the show, the DJ is silhouetted behind a white screen while a pseudo party crowd, with cocktails in hand, demonstrate their skills at swaying to the beat on demand to a mini DJ set with crappy tunes.  What strikes me as offensive is the absence of house, disco and techno.  This is not a battle by any means… but another drawn out reality show where the art of mixology is exploited with stereotypes and liquor sponsors, but hey… you can still watch it on BET.

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