Gus Gus “Over”

One of my favorite songs of the year “Over” by Gus Gus from Iceland.  What really strikes me most about their latest body of work, Arabian Horse, is how they combine acoustical Goth elements and fuse them smoothly  over a deep tech-house percussion.  It’s kind of like Underworld meets Dead Can Dance.  They have been around since 1995 with a few lineup changes and their name is actually a variation of the word couscous, the Middle Eastern dish, from a scene in an old 1974 German film.

Nevertheless, check out the official video for “Over” and then watch a special extended live version of it from a small little venue called Nasa at their album release party.  You can clearly see the influence of DJing on their production technique and how they work the crowd with their live mixdown from a small little Mackie mixing board.  ENJOY!

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