Protests, unemployment and sports

It’s amazing how with all the shit going on, people are still forking over an average price of $139 for Yankee seats.

I love baseball, but it is the drinking man’s game.  Not that I have anything against drinking, but being amassed by a bunch of drunken fucks with violent temperaments, clutching shatter-proof beer bottles and yelling at the top of their lungs ASSHOOOOLE, makes me wonder about what is a gauge for entertainment these days.  I mean, we ARE evolving right?  Last I checked…

Baseball is a great game and adequate for the media with plenty of commercial break time.  Just like football, basketball and tennis.  (sorry, golf is a recreation…) America doesn’t need soccer because there are no spaces for Bud and Geico commercials every 5 minutes, right?  Good, I’m glad we all agree…

Baseball is slow and brutally painful to watch, especially when your team is down.  Just like watching yourself lose at the pool table.  The stadiums are essentially watering holes with beers selling for about $8 a pop. And if that hasn’t dented your pocket enough, there’s a steakhouse and a official team store, so you always have time to shop.  We have certainly evolved in this aspect.  So, to add to the 2 guarantees in life: death and taxes.  There are now three: death, taxes and shopping malls.

Next time you watch  footage of the Wall Street protests, just crack open that bud and change the channel to watch some overpaid athletes in tights chewing, spitting, and scratching their crotches, crouched over and waiting for a ball to get hit their way so they can laugh all the way to the bank.  The Yankees win! Theeeeeeeee Yankees win!

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