Was Irene hyped or what?

Hurricane preparedness can run into the millions, so how did Irene stack up?

Well it actually caused more damage than it actually did by itself?

You ask… what the fuck did he just say…?

I know it sounds confusing, and I am not a meteorologist by any means, but I actually learned a bit more about hurricanes this weekend.  To put it plainly, they are broken into 2 categories… no- scratch that!  I mean types.  You got windy ones and you got wet ones.  When you put both of them together, you got one mean bitch of a hurricane.  Irene was a wet one.  Yeah, it was windy too, but I’ve seen windier days when walking through high rises in Manhattan.

So what did I mean with my ridiculous phrase: Well it actually caused more damage than it actually did by itself?

Irene flipped switches.

Irene was that kid you don’t want to leave alone in your living room.  You brace for the worst.  You keep an eye on her, but you turn your back on her for a few minutes and she’s made a mess of things.  Irene was a stealthy little fucker.  It crept on many streets.  She whistled a bit in the wee hours, but she was one little ninja of a storm.

And in the peak of it all, she pulled a Keyser Söze (Usual Suspects) and just poof- disappeared into a trail of wind for the next few hours.  Allowing for a brilliant scenic sunset.  How’s that to end your day!

Did Bloomberg git funky on us by shutting down the MTA?  I mean, we are the city that NEVER sleeps- right?  You be the judge…

So as Irene has left us with plenty of fallen tree limbs and downed power lines, I leave you this brilliant little video by Buffalo Picture House that exposes the milder side of a city braced in fear.  Enjoy it!

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