Meet the Ferrari of MP3 Players

Although this may appear to be a retro hand held 8-bit video game, it is actually a suped-up media player capable of reproducing 24 bit/192 KHz WAV files.  To put it plainly, it can capture professional studio quality playback, and it has a mini built in pre-amp to crank up the volume on the lowest of low headphones.  It also features SPDIF IN/OUT (digital 24-bit) and is capable of recording.  Carved in the back on its maple wood casing, the Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi has set its sights on serious audioholics.

Colorfly spared no expense in the parts and you can get it for a mere $799.  Note: this is not your average iPod, and if you appreciate sound like I do, you will understand its value under the hood.  So if you wanna catch that latest stupid-human-trick on You Tube, then this unit is NOT for you.

Catch the full spectacle here.

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