Reminder: See This Movie !!!

I seldom have time to sit through an entire movie, and I’m not much of a “good” critic, but I do know how to pick ’em.  If you have already seen the film, I hope this post will serve as a reminder on how distinctly appropriate this film is in our perception of politics, media and big business.

The movie is Fair Game and I am surprised the hidden hands at Hollywood were able to allow this magnificent film to float above the water.  It is a remarkable example of the bittersweet relationship between the media and the truth seekers.  But, don’t take the movie for face value: you have to look at the big picture next time your glued to the next “breaking story” or the infamous- “this just in…”

The film also reminds us that there are people out there who actually do their job in the government and present the investigative facts as a culmination of technical research and scientific data, gathered from knowledgeable sources from various parts of the globe.

The film, set in some suburban neighborhood near CIA headquarters, carefully (and I mean carefully) exposes the  gray area or hidden force that lurks underneath the reality of what we call the news that has the power to create propaganda in any given wink by infiltrating the innocent mind of anyone that has been blessed with a cable subscription, an internet connection or a smart phone.  …oh, you’re connected all right!

I hope you get the opportunity to watch this film with a few grains of salt as it reminds us all about the excessive force the media uses to push its people into believing in an agenda that, in this case, turns out to be what will be hailed  as one big giant fucking mislead that has resulted in blood, profit, outrage and economic crisis.

An excerpt from the script by Joe Wilson,  played by Sean Penn:

“In 1787 as
Benjamin Franklin left the
Constitution Hall after the last
drafting session, he was stopped by
a woman on the street. She asked–
‘what manner of government have you
bequeathed us?’ Ben said ‘A Republic
madam. If you can keep it.’

If you can keep it.
The responsibility for this country
does not lie in the hands of a
privileged few.
We are strong and we are free from
tyranny only for as long as each
and every one of us remembers their
duty as citizens.
Whether its a pothole at the end of
your street or a lie in the State
of the Union Address..Speak up.
Ask the question.  Demand the truth.

Democracy is not a free ride…
Man I’m here to tell you that.  But
its where we live.  And if we do our
job its where our children will

God bless America.”

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