Smart Jumper Cables by Michelin

Michelin has just introduced a game changer in the jumper cable industry.  Apparently, there have been many mishaps with jump-starts in the past and it’s time to introduce the teflon don of jumper cables, the Michelin 5100 Smart Jumper Cables.

See the little gray box in the center? … it’s the brain behind the entire system.  It features a green LED on either side that will light to ensure that a proper jump is about to get juiced up, and the beauty of it is that it will figure out your connection (clip placements), so you can NEVER make a mistake by crossing polarities, and it also has a built in surge protector.  With the advent of computer controlled systems, it is pretty easy to fry a board on all the new hybrids out there, so this might be a pretty sound investment for under $30.  Also, you will have a piece of mind when your loved one needs a boost after leaving the headlights on at the mall.  What… me worry?

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