Mommy, I wanna be a DJ …

Is your 8 year old pullin at your shirt?  Is your co-worker with that killer music collection wanting to take a stab a DJing?  Is your friend looking for a new hobby?

These are all the signs of wanna-be DJs, and a company called DJ Tech is introducing a little package of sunshine with My ScratchMy scratch is no where near professional, but it might make a DJ out of anybody.  Even though it looks like a Toys ‘R Us exclusive, the My Scratch Pack comes with an audio interface (a device that plugs into your laptop and lets your computer talk to the audio devices,) an over sized set of headphones that help fit the part, and of course the My Scratch device.  It is also bundled with its own wanna-be DJ software Virtual DJ LE to save some room on that credit card.

Although no price point has been announced, I wouldn’t pay more than $400 for this hunk of plastic.

You will still need a laptop and disco lights…        …. you realize no one will take you seriously.

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