New York Noise

If you are looking for a visual diary of New York City during its eclectic phase of bands, clubs and artists during the late seventies and early eighties, Soul Jazz Records has released New York Noise, which is a companion piece to their cd compilation of the same name.  Til this day, it is still difficult to tag the format of these notorious bands in that era.  It wasn’t punk. It wasn’t rock.  It wasn’t new wave.  It wasn’t hip-hop, and it sure as hell wasn’t disco.  What-it-was was a rare forging of 2 cities, oceans apart, essentially influencing one another in the cultural underground.   As the British invasion made its landing in the sixties, the punk rock scene made its landing in the eighties; from London to New York- From New York to London.  And in between, you have the golden age of disco, the birth of rap music and new wave.  There will never ever be a diversified era of talent like this one.

And on the artistic front, you had Haring, Warhol, Basquiat… need I say more?

You can visit the Soul Jazz Records site and see it all unfold.

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