COKE Day !

America’s favorite legalized substance was invented 125 Years ago today by John Pemberton in the hopes of relieving headaches, but aside from that miracle serendipity, today’s Coke actually can be used to treat a jellyfish sting, clean rust, remove gum from your hair – among other things…

In Chinese Coka-Cola means “to make mouth happy”  That’s funny, I have a old VHS tape with the same name.

Originally, it was only available in soda shops where they actually mixed it for you in a glass by a soda hop.  After being first introduced and bottled in the U.S., Cuba and Panama joined in the celebration and the rest is history.

The world guzzles down one billion cans per day, and people still say it’s bad for you.  But everyone needs at least one steady vice in their life!

Congrats Coke.  We love you !

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