Pioneer decides to make a controller under $300: the DDJ-WeGO

Pioneer are itching their way to the bottom of the barrel by dishing out their very own 2 channel midi controlled DJ in a box, bundled with their own VirtualDJ LE software.  The DDJ-WeGO ($299) may be the sleekest introductory model blazin’ to hit the shelves by Christmas, and it is aimed at the young adult or early teen market.Do not expect anything surprising other than what you see at face value, and it all trickles out of a mere left and right analog RCA output.  You can’t get any more basic than that!  It also comes in 5 fashionable colors that may echo the same marketing schematics as Apple’s iPod Nano, so if you have a 13 year old who craves to get in the mix, you may want to tag this one on your shopping list.  I still would like to see the price set at $199, but you should know Pioneer better than that…

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