Kiss and Motley Crue annouce a “Summer Tour”

Guess which band is sober and drug free?  The ones with the makeup and the high heels.

Anyway, Gene Simmons, front man for Kiss, CE-OH, marketer, and rights hoarder announced a summer tour with Motley Crue, so I guess it’s time to pay off that summer beach house or condo.  Mr. Simmons claims that we will be getting the “real” and not that “fake Rhianna-schmana crap,”  but all I see is another shallow fissure in the growing trend of geriatric has-been-rockers that continually rock on to remind us of how old and stupid we are getting while shelling out $150 for seats.  Face it, I can barely sit through a single bunch of old guys, but I cannot tolerate being compounded by two.  I will pass.  It is not that epic.  Sorry!

Where the fuck is Pink Floyd when you need them?

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