They’re stealin’ Tide (detergent)

See the weirdo on the left.  Good.  What does a bottle of Tide and this guy have in common?

He is part of the latest plague among shoplifting that involves the mass pilfering of Tide laundry detergent, which is steadily gaining mass popularity among hoarders in struggling metropolises across this great civilized germ-free nation.  This pilferer of sorts, whose name I couldn’t care less about, was busted with $25,000 worth of stolen Tide detergent in his freshly scented lair, ranging from the “Deep Clean: Mountain Fresh” scent of olde to the “Oxy-Clean” variants.  The madness is creating a supermarket crackdown in all the laundry aisles across the nation.  Apparently, it seems as though it is liquid gold for the smelly and the slimy.  Hey, hygiene is key, but the shit does cost an arm and a leg for one friggin’ bottle.  Note to manufacturer: You should have never concentrated it…

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