New Radiohead song makes sense of all the mess

The new Radiohead song: “The Daily Mail & Staircase”  could possibly be an ambiguous message to all the banks and greedy investment firms that have fallen off the horse with our life’s assets and left us in the shitter.

I would love to see a nice stock market montage video accompany this piece.  Enjoy it!

Here are the lyrics.  See if you can put it all together:

The moon is a rock on a mountain
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
Waiting on the rapture

Singing we’re here to keep your prices down
we’ll feed you to the hounds
To the Daily Mail, to get up, together
You made a pig’s ear, you made a mistake
Paid off security and got through the gate
You got away with it but we lie in wait eeeh
ehhh eeeh

where’s the truth what’s the use
I’m hanging around lost and found
And when you’re here innocent
Fat chance, no plan
no regard for human life

you’ll keep time, you’ve no right
you’re fast to lose, you will lose
you jumped the queue, you’re back again

President for life, love of all
The flies in the sky, the beasts of the earth
the fish in the sea have lost command

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