The Denon DN-MC6000: not a cockpit but an all-in-one mobile DJ solution


DJing technology is moving faster and faster with the advent of Mp3.  All those long coffins that house 2 turntables and a mixer are slowly making there way into that old dusty backyard shed. Denon launched the DN-MC6000 back in October and it allows users to plug in to any laptop via USB and control up to 4 decks simultaneously along with the option of executing multiple effects and creating loops on the fly.  There are other controllers currently available that offer these features like the Traktor Kontrol S4, the Pioneer DDJ-T1 (Traktor software version), DDJ-S1 (Serato software version), but there is one huge difference with this denon model:

All the other units completely rely on a laptop, but the Denon is ALSO a stand alone mixerStand alone meaning that in case your laptop crashes or your hard drive freezes, you can just switch from digital to analog providing you have turntables or CD players around.  The icing on the cake is its durable construction and the ability to control 2 mics with individual eq controls and an echo option that will basically make mobile DJing a lot less tedious and opens doors for Karaoke parties.

The biggest bullet is its price point: $799 ; which actually costs less than the other competitors.

Check out the official product video here.

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